🏆 Excellence in school facilities🏆

The Young Travelers school facilities are an innovative and learner-friendly environment that reflects 21st-century education demands.

Our school got rid of desks and eliminated teacher workplaces to make more space for student learning and collaboration.

Collaborative group seating and the novelty and stimulation students receive through this setting positively impact their behavior, health, and attitude towards learning.

Flexible seating helps students learn without sitting still for prolonged periods of time.

Our school’s environment creates and fosters lifelong healthy habits and valuable life skills that students will take with them throughout their entire life.

Young Travelers School
Award-winning school 🏆🏆🏆
📌Μαραθώνος 14, Πυλαία
☎️2315 51 71 41
📨 youngtravelers.school@gmail.com
🌐 www.youngtravelers.gr

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